About Urtasmiðjan

Urtasmidjan is an Icelandic company producing skin products from Icelandic herbs. The manufacture is based on age-old traditions regarding the use of the herbs along with modern methods and knowledge in the composition and healing powers of the herbs.

In Iceland the herbs grow in the nature, in clean, pure air and soil. The herbs grow slower in the Icelandic climate than they do in warmer climates and research has shown that the slower the herbs grow the more potent they are. The herbs are gathered by hand and they are treated in a precise way to maximize and ensure their potency.

Urtasmidjan has had as it’s goal from the beginning to produce a pure, clean product. The product is only made from herbs and natural products; pure herbal oils and bee’s wax. A precise mixture of specially selected essential oils help make the herbs more potent and natural vitamin E oil is used as a conservative. No artificial colourings or fragrances are used in these products.

Urtasmidjan has specialized in making salves and oils for external use, using herbs that are known for their effects on many types on skin problems.